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Revolver 320 Paramotor

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BlackHawk Paramotors USA Inc introduces a one-of-a-kind flying experience. The NEW BlackHawk Revolver 320 Paramotor is a product utilizing the latest technology the world of Powered Paragliding has to offer.  This ultra-powerful 44hp motor is the first to incorporate Water-Cooling and Power-Valve Technology in such a large motor. The Revolver produces an unmatched 280 lbs (127 kg) of thrust. For years, the BlackHawk HellCat 360 Paramotor was an industry phenomenon and tough to contend with… Until now!

The BlackHawk Revolver brings Powered Paragliding to EVERYONE!  In the past, the industry struggled with the “power-to-weight” ratios available in most 2-stroke engines. This meant that larger pilots interested in Quad or Trike Flight, or those who live in high elevation areas might not be able to participate in the sport. This also limited the possibility of tandem flight, or those who want to carry an additional payload. There are only a small number of regulations in this sport set by the FAA and the maximum total weight of a Paramotor is one of them. If a Paramotor exceeds a certain weight, it becomes a “Powered Parachute,” which requires a pilot’s license. The BlackHawk Revolver is a game-changer for the Powered Paragliding Industry and a shining example of BlackHawk’s commitment to being on the forefront of technology.


Engine:  BlackHawk Revolver R320

HP:  44

Max RPM:  8000

Reduction Type:  Belt Driven

Approx Thrust:  280 Lbs (127 kg)

Start Method:  Electric Start (Includes Battery & Charger)

Fuel Tank:  Dual Tanks (5 – 6.4 gallons total)

**See notation below for fuel capacity details

Flight time:  3+ hrs

Frame options:  Rhino XXLT

Max Pilot Weight:  700 Lbs (318 Kg)

Total Weight:  182 lbs (82.5 kg) *without fuel

**Revolver Paramotors sold in the US come standard with (1) 3-gallon fuel tank, and (1) 2-gallon fuel tank for a total of 5 gallons. BlackHawk is a global supplier. Revolver Paramotors being sold outside the US come standard with Dual 3.2 gallon gas tanks for a total of 6.4 gallons. Please check local, State, & Federal law prior to purchase.


*Velocity Edge Paraglider!

*LowBoy II Paramotor Quad

*Two Year Warranty

*Wood Propeller

*Comfortable Bucket-Seat


*Glider Stuff-Sack

*Flight Suit (or) Flight Jacket

*Wind Sock

*Prop Covers

*Tool Kit

*Glider & Line Repair Kit

*“Let’s Get Started” Video

*Paramotor Bible

*Engine Manual

*Fuel mixer

*Quart of synthetic 2-stroke motor oil

*Wood Prop 

*DUAL Fuel Tanks


*Line Guides

*Cylinder Head Temperature Gauge

*RPM Gauge & Tachometer

*Electric Start Mechanism

*LiPo Battery

*Thunder AC6 Battery Charger

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