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Revo Trike RTF

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Designed for Pilots Wanting No Compromises

Wide real aircraft tires and extra soft suspension might suggest the Revo is only designed to get in and out of short or soft fields. However, with up to 100 mph hands off cruise, roomy seating behind an extra tall windscreen and large volume easy access storage;  this trike is a preferred choice for long cross country travels.

The Revo has been engineered, tested to ASTM design standard compliance and all components are of the highest quality.

Because of the moto-cross front fork design, in the event of a hard landing the front end is likely not to fold up which is the leading cause of "balling up a trike"

With the optional carbon fiber construction, the body of the Revo actually becomes a protective shield around the pilot's legs.

Due to the higher wing loading (smaller wing) the Revo is actually easier to fly and more importantly less effected by the wind both in the air, and on the ground. This makes it safer in the event a pilot encounters adverse weather while flying.

Because the Reflex wings have short wing struts, they are stronger under negative loads.

The Revo uses Real Certified Aircraft seat belts with recoil shoulder harness. Since the Revo is a real aircraft, we felt automotive seat belts were not appropriate.

The engine kill is part of the keyed ignition on the Revo, and just like a certified aircraft when the key is turned clockwise the Revo starts, and when turned counter-clockwise the engine shuts down. Multiple serious accidents have derived from a "run-away" trike that was started with one of the throttle controls open. These trikes remained running long enough to, in some cases, allow the trike to take off unintentionally. The reason these trikes were not shut down more rapidly is that the mags (engine kill) were in a different location than the key or push-button to start the trike. In some cases the mags are located to the side of the pilot and start button located on the instrument panel making the reaction time too long in a real emergency. It is a natural reaction to turn the key the other way if the aircraft starts up with wide open throttle. With the Revo that intuitive reaction will stop the engine instantly.

Largely criticized by some that the Revo is "Over built" and should be more minimal. Our take on that is because the Revo's efficiency, ultra light handling, and 1040 pound gross weight the wing is designed for, the extra 25 pounds that we could have shaved off to save weight have been left on for added longevity and strength. We find that many trikes are wearing out after less than a decade of heavy use. We wanted to make a trike for life, just like Cessna. We expect our Revos will still be flying in 30 years with proper maintenance. As a result many of the ASTM strength requirements have been far exceeded.

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