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Pegasus 582

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Comfort, safety, and superior design best describes the Powrachute Pegasus 582. You’ll be amazed by its incredible performance that exceeds any PPC in its class. Pegasus … with its unmatched climb rate, durable construction, and superior reliability … truly makes this a remarkable 2 place Light Sport Aircraft. See it for yourself and you’ll agree that the Pegasus is the ultimate affordable PPC. The Pegasus is available as either E-LSA or SLSA. Schedule a flight today and see why the Pegasus is making dreams come true.


ROTAX 582 65hp engine – E-Gearbox – Hydraulic Spring Over Suspension – (EIS) Electronic Information System with altimeter – Standard Steel Exhaust – 10 Gallon Fuel Tank – Choice of Color Powdercoat – Rigid Chromoly frame extending full length – 4 Point Harness Seatbelts – Deluxe Dual Seats  – Ground Steering Tow Handle – Strobe Light – Standard or Extended Footbars – Dry Cell Battery  – Electric Starter – 3 Blade 68″ Warpdrive Propeller – Performance Designs PD500 wing – Chute Bag and Line socks.


Weight: 390 lbs without wing

Weight: 420lbs with wing

Width: 81.5 inches with Tundra Tires

Height: 88 inches with Air Shocks

Length: 128 inches

Stall speed: Virtually stall resistant

Max payload 550 wing: 625lbs @MSL

Max payload 500 wing: 575lbs @MSL

Take off roll: 50ft to 300ft*

Landing roll: 10ft to 100ft*

Sink rate: 10-12 ft per sec

Glide ratio: 4:1

Airspeed: 32-34 mph*

Climb rate: 500-900 fpm*

Decent rate: 600 fpm engine off

*As with all aircraft: payload, winds, altitude, temperature, humidity and all around atmospheric conditions can and will vary the performance of your PPC.

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