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Breese 2 X/D Single Surface

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The M-Squared Breese 2 X/D Family of  airplanes can be purchased as Certified S-LSA or E-LSA airplanes. The S-LSA version can be used for rentals and training but must be signed-off by an  A&P mechanic. Both S-LSA and E-LSA airplanes have offerings in both single-surface and double-surface wing configurations.  In this class of airplane, a single-surface wing provides greater lift but slower cruise airspeed than a double-surface wing.  When floats are employed, single-surface wings get the airplane off the water more easily.  The Breese 2 X/D airplane is configured with the Rotax 912ULS (100 hp) engine and has tremendous short-field take-off characteristics capable of lifting heavy payloads easily. They are without question among the most rugged airplanes available in their class.

Standard Equipment (Included)

Rotax 912 80 H.P. power plant engine
Warp drive propeller
EIS Engine Information System
8:00x6 Main gear tires with aluminum wheels and Hydraulic brakes
13'' Nose gear with aluminum wheel
Center mounted controls with brake handle
Large lord mounted anti-vibration engine mount
Steel pilot roll cage
Aerodynamic lift and jury struts with adjustable fittings
High lift airfoil with 14'' rib spacing
Center hard-shell gap cover
Bungee trim system


Model Engine: Rotax 912UL
No. Cylinders: 4
Displacement: 82.6 CI
Horsepower: 80 H.P.
Recommended TBO: 2000hrs
Propeller: WD-ADJ
Length: 19 ft
Height: 7 ft 10 in
Wingspan: 31 ft
Wing Area: 173 sq. ft
Wing loading: 7.33 lb/sq
Seats: 2
Empty Weight: 645 lbs
Useful Load: 675 lbs
Payload w/FullFuel: 579 lbs
Max Take-off Weight: 1320 lbs
Fuel Capacity (96 lbs): 16 gal

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