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BlackHawk Paramotors USA is proud to introduce the NEW AirMax 220 Paramotor. This extremely versatile powerhouse was designed as a crossover machine for pilots who want it all. The AirMax 220 can go from foot-launch, to being mounted on a LowBoy II Quad in a matter of minutes.

World Champion Pilot Pal Takats recently joined Team BlackHawk and took delivery of his motor of choice – The BlackHawk AirMax 220! Pal Takats has been flying his AirMax for some time now and loves it for the same reasons our other Team Pilots do…  High-performance, extreme power, and built to last!

With 30HP and 170-190 lbs (77-86 kg) of thrust, this machine is becoming a favorite to many of our customers around the world. The AirMax 220 is built by HE motors, and features a forced-air cooled 210cc engine. For around $10,000, you can get everything you need for quad & foot-launch, including a Velocity Edge Paraglider! Charlie Strong, a longstanding customer from Modesto Ca, stated “I was planning on buying 2 Paramotors because I’m a bigger guy and wanted to do both foot-launch and quad flight. When Mike at BlackHawk came back with the AirMax 220, I was very excited. I have nearly 50 hours on it now, without any issues, and I’m loving every minute of it!”

Many students who come to the BlackHawk ranch with the intention of learning quad flight, later decide they want to venture into foot-launch. After mastering glider control and some quad flights, it becomes easy to transition into being a foot-launch pilot. The AirMax 220 suits the needs of many, and we are confident this top-seller will be around for many years to come.

This engine recommended for performance pilots and all pilots who weigh under 375 lbs. (170 kg.)


Engine:  BlackHawk AirMax 220

HP:  30

Max RPM:  8000

Reduction Type:  Belt Driven

Approx Thrust:  170-190 Lbs (77-86 Kg)

(Depends on 2-blade vs. optional 3-blade prop)

Start Method:  Pull or Electric Start

Fuel Tank:  3.2 gallons

Flight time:  2.5 hrs

Frame options:  Kestrel or Rhino

Max Pilot Weight:  375 Lbs (170 Kg)

Total Weight:  55 Lbs (25 Kg)

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